System Administration

ScreenLogger is a desktop screen recording product designed for network environments such as call centers and back-offices.  PC desktops screens are recorded as video to allow supervisors to review the exact sequence of events on any PC on the network. Integration with voice recorders provides audio & video playback.

Anyone who has been involved in managing hundreds of PCs in a workforce environment such as call centers, will know and understand the pain of administering and configuring each individual PC locally. This is why Ekisa carefully designed the powerful ScreenLogger Management Studio to provide a single point of system management to system administrators and supervisors.

All the workstation PCs are configured and managed from the Configurator, thereby eliminating the need to set up the recording rules and IP addresses on each individual workstation PC. Once the Ekisa workstation software has been installed, it will automatically discover the Configurator and register itself on the system. Recording rules, video compression options, image capture rate and other settings are configured in the ScreenLogger Management Studio, and then automatically downloaded to the workstations and server. Even changes to port settings are automated!

Workstations and servers are assigned to the system with simple drag & drop operations, up to the maximum licensed limits. Recording states and diagnostic information is displayed on the central ScreenLogger Management Studio.

Security levels are configurable, thereby allowing team leaders to view screen recordings for authorized workstation and agents only, while the supervisor can set up recording rules while access to system levels changes are limited to system administrators only.

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