Recording Rules

PC desktop screen recordings can be triggered in one for 4 ways:
  • By setting up pre-defined rules to monitor & record when selected software applications are used.
  • By using time schedulers.
  • By pressing a hot key on the Workstation keyboard.
  • By external triggering of a 3rd party application such as a voice recorder (using ActiveX controls).
Rules can be set up for workstations (using PC machine name), or for agents (Windows user) which supports a free seating environment (agent can log in on any PC).

When rules are the same for a set of workstations or agents (such as in teams), rule profiles can be configured. Workstations or agents are assigned to profiles by simple drag & drop operations. Profiles are stored in template files, therefore a template can be configured on one system and then transferred to another where a customer has multiple distributed ScreenLogger systems.

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