Screen Video Playback

Ekisa Screen Player

The Ekisa Screen Player offers secure screen video playback of any authorized workstation or agent. Typically operated by a supervisor or manager, recordings can be filtered on agent name, workstation name, date & time, software application recorded and recording duration. The supervisor or manager can only see recordings as authorized, which allows teams or groups to be set up so that a team leader can only playback screen video of members in that team. 

The playback client is able to view any recording from any server in a ScreenLogger farm, effectively meaning that the number of workstations visible to the playback client becomes unlimited.

Integrated Mode (Voice Recording)

When the Ekisa ScreenLogger is integrated with a Voice Recorder, screen playback is typically done via the voice recorder's player GUI. The Ekisa Screen Player can still be used indepedently, but without the audio.

Sample Video Clip

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