Operational Overview

The Ekisa ScreenLogger system is a professional desktop screen capture product suitable for large network environments such as call centers and back offices. This ScreenLogger solution records many PC desktop screens simultaneously and reproduces the user’s desktop actions as video recordings. The screen recordings are controlled by configurable rules for software applications used, internet web sites visited and time schedules. A Software Development Kit (SDK) enables 3rd party integration with voice recorders and other management software.

Video playback can be done from any PC on the network, with strict supervisor authentication and configurable access control. Where larger offices or call centers have different teams or departments, multiple supervisor can be configured, each with access to his / her team only. The Screen Player allows a supervisor to quickly search and review screen recordings of selected agents and/or workstations for specified date & time periods, and to view only screen recordings for specific software applications or websites.

Workstation recording rules, configuration options and user access rights are managed from a central management tool: the ScreenLogger Management Studio.

The ScreenLogger System consists of the following primary software components:

  • Workstation software, installed on all workstations (PCs) where agents perform daily functions that may require screen recording. The Workstation software hosts the recording rules engine, screen capture, compression and encryption functionality.
  • Screen Server service is installed on one or more servers that receives and stores compressed (and optionally encrypted) screen video data to its hard disks. The Screen Server also renders the screen recording video streams to playback clients.
  • The Configurator service, typically sharing a platform with one of the Screen Servers, provides a single point of system configuration and event management. The Configurator commands and controls screen recording activities and governs the communications between ScreenLogger components. Licensing is managed and enforced on the Configurator. Lastly, the Configurator provides a gateway for 3rd party communications via the Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • The Management Studio user interface may be installed on any machine on the network, and allows the administrator and other users to view, configure and manage the ScreenLogger system. Screen Servers and Workstations may be configured and assigned to the ScreenLogger system, recording and blanking rules configured, and desktops of workstation monitored in real time. The Management Studio also offers workstation and agent search functionality, with bulk editing.
  • The Screen Player may be installed on any machine on the network, and provides a user interface for screen recording search and playback functionality. Screen recordings can also be exported.

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