Key Features

  • Records hundreds of PC desktop screens in call centers and back offices.
  • Multiple desktop screen recording of up to 16 desktops per workstation
  • Live desktop monitoring of an agent in real time.
  • Remote Desktop Recording (Terminal Services) is supported
  • Desktop actions on any workstation can be reviewed as a video recording.
  • Unified view of all screen recordings in a ScreenLogger farm. The number of workstations visible to the playback client is unlimited.
  • Configurable rules to start recording when selected software applications are used.
  • Detect and view recordings of unauthorized applications used during office hours.
  • Stealth operation – no indication of desktop screen recording on workstation
  • Very efficient network & storage usage, video is compressed and streamed to dedicated servers.
  • Indexing mechanism on connected SQL server recording database increases the scalability of the number of recordings in the recording history and provides the ability to draw database statistics.
  • SDK for integration with Voice Recorders – enables synchronized audio & video playback.
  • High security – encrypted video and can only be viewed by authorized users
  • PCI-DSS compliant - end-to-end encryption for increased security and video masking rules for sensitive information
  • No setup is required on the workstation or server machines.
  • Detailed diagnostic event logging

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