Remote Desktop Auditing

ScreenLogger provides a VISUAL AUDIT TRAIL to assess the activities of remote desktop users.

In almost any IT environment where access to mission critical servers must be restricted and high security standards are maintained, it is imperative to have an audit log of remote users such as system administrators and technical support staff that access the server. The most effective way to review the actions of remote users for the purpose of a regular audit, an investigation to the actions that led to a specific incident, or a complete system failure, is to view the screen recording of recent remote desktop sessions. As all Windows Servers are supplied with 2 free remote desktop licenses for administration purposes, each and every mission critical server can benefit from Ekisa screen recording.

No client side software needs to be installed. Any remote user will automatically be recorded on the server (if so configured) when he or she opens a new remote desktop session, regardless of where or what the client machine is, even for thin clients running on an internet browser!

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