Regulatory Compliance

Screen recording is becoming more and more essential in call centres, especially where transaction recording is required. Consider a call centre for short term insurance sales. The agent receives a call, the customer purchased a new vehicle and requires insurance with immediate effect. The agent quotes a price for the vehicle’s insurance, and the customer accepts. How did the agent calculate the premium, is there a record of this transaction?

In most financial and transactional call centres, it is legislation that there must be a record of the transaction, and that this record must be kept for a minimum period of time. A voice recording (conforming to regulatory requirements) is considered a legal record of a financial transaction. Screen recording is becoming more and more prominent and in some countries, it has become mandatory to have both voice and screen recording. The Ekisa ScreenLogger Software Development Kit enables efficient integration with voice recorders, and is PCI-DSS compliant.

Sample Video Clip

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