Reseller Information


Our primary sales model is via resellers or distributors. Our core focus is product development, i.e. to keep our product up to date with new market demands. We work tightly in partnership with voice recording vendors, most of our sales are related to integrated voice and screen recording, although we also have back-office installations for screen recording only. Our distributors include voice recording manufacturers, system integrator and IT service providers, and we always welcome interest from new prospective distributors to join our partner program.

Reseller Models

Value Added Reseller – System Integrator and software vendors who adds value by offering customer services such as onsite installation and support SLA’s. OEM Reseller – Voice recording vendors / manufacturers who integrate with our ScreenLogger using the Software Development Kit, and offer integrated solutions to the ICT industry.

Reseller Policy

Ekisa Software Corporation does not have exclusive distributor agreements based on vertical market segments or geographical areas, but we do respect our client’s areas of business operation and try to prevent conflicts of interests should they arise. We value and cherish our relationships with our distributors, and we treat sensitive sales and technical information of our clients (distributors) with utmost confidentiality, respect and professionalism. We have a solid track record of steady long term business growth, which illustrates our business values and integrity.

New sales queries received from potential end user customers are investigated and then referred to an appropriate distributor where applicable. We monitor and manage performance of customer referrals to distributors.

If a sales query originates from a market segment or geographical area where we are not represented by a local distributor, we may engage in direct business with the end user, although our standard services are limited to remote sales and technical support.


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